OnTheCouch 174 - Fibre to the billabong - 11 May 2012
Liberty Global results, Foxtel and Austar, Connected TV Summit, Auto hop skips ads, Samsung and Pay TV operators, Tizen, Kindle Fire, Samsung TV hacked, Xbox sales ION camera and more!
OnTheCouch 173 - Flash dance of death - 6 April 2012
Cable Interacts conference, Google glasses, Flash death, Roku surpasses 100 UK channels, Youtube slurps up the studios, Lovelfilm streams more than it mails, Wimm, Angrey Birds Space, Draw Something, Twine and much more!
OnTheCouch 171 - Connected TV - 29 November 2011
Connected TV marketing body created, Gesture interface in thin air, Sky Go adds movies, US online viewing, Gaming goes down the toilet, Flying builder robots and more!
OnTheCouch 170 - Flash in the pan - 16 November 2011
Net giants fight piracy bill, Flash bits the dust in mobile and TV, Jobs wanted iPhone carrier free, Xbox turns 10, Top ten tech and more!
OnTheCouch 169 - Angry Birds The Movie - 21 October 2011
Intel abandons TV plans, Lytro camera, Quickster is dead, Bjork Biophilia, iPhone 4S, Ericsson quits Sony Ericsson, Angry birds the movie, Toys blend with video games and more!
OnTheCouch 168 - Robot Fan - 2 September 2011
IBC predictions, NeuroSky, IQ Engines, Cognitive chips, Starz leaves Netflix, OnLive embeds demos, Emotion reading games, and the Robot Fan.
OnTheCouch 167 - Playstation Vita - 12 August 2011
ADB restructure update, Growth for Sky D, DVB updates from IBC, Inflight personal video streaming, GoogleTV on the ropes, Mobile gaming, Playstation Vita launch and more!
OnTheCouch 166 - Acqusition Troubles - 22 July 2011
Regulator raises Austar acquisition concerns, Aquiva says not enough bandwidth in UK, Virgin shows 1.5Gbps, DVB-S3, Netflix price increases, Apple tops Nokia in smartphones, Roku adds gaming and much more!
OnTheCouch 165 - Astronaut Whistle - 15 July 2011
Murdoch pulls Sky bid, Perima plans stock market return for NDS, Victory for online video recorder, Netflix goes live on Nintendo 3DS, Mobile update, Women gaming, Astronaut whistles and the speaking robot.
OnTheCouch 164 - 3D Chocolate Printer - 8 July 2011
Sky decision delayed, Phone meets tablet, Lytro light field camera, Connected shipments at 138 million by 2015, iPhone users spend 15 hours a month playing games and more!
OnTheCouch 163 - Clouds and Cable Shows - 17 June 2011
Multichoice Cyprus liqidates, Dish bids for TerreStar, Apple's iCloud, Comcast goes Skyping and Cloud DVRs and much more!
OnTheCouch 161 - Junkyard Jumbotron - 18 March 2011
UK encourages tech startups, Bandwidth caps fight piracy?, Adobe converts flash to HTML5, Google buys Green Parrot, iPad doubles price in HK, Multiscreen Sky One, Facebook VOD, Piracy on Android, onLive game hands-on, Junkyard Jumbotron and more!
OnTheCouch 160 - iPad 2 - 7 March 2011
Facebook eval goes up, YouView to open API, Ian's new tele, Wimbledon in 3D, iPad 2, Android marketplace malware, Nokia gives free hardware, GDC report, the state of androids and more!
OnTheCouch 159 - Chinese Goldfish - 18 February 2011
CI plus heads back to DVB, IBM's Watson wins Jeopardy, Cable Showdown, Google to launch music service, BBC iPlayer links with other content, Mobile app market growth, Water powered radio, Facebook status leads to arrest and much more!
OnTheCouch 158 - Moose Taser - 4 February 2011
YouView Delay, Honda TV ad, IntoNow, Jolibooks, Joost Returns, Duke Nukem, Encountme, Moose taser and more!
OnTheCouch 157 - Touch my Playbook - 20 January 2011
Amazon aquires Lovefilm, Apple earnings, Mail costs Netflix more than streaming, Instant pop for music, Japan loves 3D, 10 billion apps, Nintendo 3D release date, OnLive everywhere, Record clubs, 3D without glasses and CES Roundup!
OnTheCouch 156 - Dinosaurs for Christmas - 17 December 2010
Yahoo layoffs, Twitter valued at 3.7billion, Facebook person of the year and friendships mapped, Telecom Italia goes hybrid, Chrome vs Jolicloud, Tmobile pushes 4G to 640mbps, Mobile payments, World lens app, OnLive console review, Dinosaurs for Christmas and more!
OnTheCouch 155 - PS3 Supercomputer - 7 November 2010
Google eats Widevine, Twitter powered remote control, Graphene supercapacitor, PS3 supercomputer, iPad newspaper, Netflix uses HTML5, Virgin delivers lots of iplayer view, Xbox signals death of 5 year console cycle
OnTheCouch 154 - Dance Central Naked - 18 November 2010
Nintendo announces loss, Sky Anywhere goes everywhere, New sensors from Plessey, Realtime holograms getting closer, Hulu drops price and ads Roku support, Flash playing browser goes viral, Brain control, Call of Duty, Dance Central Naked and much more!
OnTheCouch 153- Experiments in 3D - 25 October 2010
Notes from CTAM and SCTE, End of the Walkman, 2 billion on the net by 2011, BBC experiments in 3D, First pics of UPC Horizon gateway, Netflix eats 20pc of US bandwidth, B and O phone - Lumigon, PS3 break, Wiimote Plus and more!
OnTheCouch 152 - Diminished Reality - 15 October 2010
DeNA buys Ngmoco for $400m, Dimished Reality, Apps on YouView, LoveFilm on PS3, Zune goes Mac, Yahoo Messenger takes on Facetime, Twitter usage, Windows 7 Phone, Cut the rope and more!
OnTheCouch 151 - The Big Remote Edition - 8 October 2010
Microsoft courts Adobe, E-Paper coming soon, UK VOD Platform comparison, Google TV details, Google TV Remote, Apple TV vs Google TV, Home HD conf calls with Cisco, Angry birds HD, Onlive goes free and much more!
OnTheCouch 150 - Century and a half - 1 October 2010
Blockbuster files for bankruptcy, semiconductor heat recycling, 3dslide, Studios go for premium VOD, PS3 3D blu-ray, RIM unveils PlayBook, Ico and shadow of the colossus, Gamers prefer downloads, Segway owner takes it too far and more!
OnTheCouch 149 - Extreme Netflix - 23 September 2010
New flexible batteries, Extreme Netflix ratings, Education departments go for iPads, One app for all, Ginx gaming channel, Collection AK and more!
OnTheCouch 148 - IBC 2010 - 15 September 2010
IBC roundup, Master key leaked for HDCP, BT releases Wifi app, Netgear promises 500Mbps wireline, Google TV faces off Apple TV, Darbee vision, New HTC phones, 3D gaming challenges and more!
OnTheCouch 147 - HD Voice - 1 September 2010
Intel buys final piece of the mobile puzzle, Flemish broadcasters hate DVRs, Romania cancels DTT, Dutch love teletext, DTT over LAN, Apple products, Roku update, LG internet TV, H.264 video, LoveFilm signs MGM and more!
OnTheCouch 146 - Bandwidth Hog - 25 August 2010
McAfee helps Intel get to connected devices, Mixing TV and social media, ISP delivers terabytes, Broadcom speeds up channel change, Google finds TV a tough sell, YouTube surpasses Yahoo, Facial recognition coming to android phones, GamesDevCon update and more!
OnTheCouch 145 - PayTV Shake Up - 13 August 2010
Sky opposes Skype name, Apple gets use of liquid metals, 1Gbps for Oz, Netflix and Epix shake up PayTV, U-verse video on blackberry and apple devices, India cracks down on blackberry, Shopkick app, and much more!
OnTheCouch 144 - Augmented Android - 6 August 2010
New copyright ruling, OpenCL is coming, HDBaseT, AppleTV news, Lonely Planet app ads augmented reality, Jailbreakme is back, Android catching RIM and Apple, and much more!
OnTheCouch 143 - Ultraviolet DRM - 21 July 2010
Apple reports record profit, Panasonic offers smaller 3D sets, Ultraviolet DRM launches, PopScreen predicts virals, Times paywall, iPhone Antennagate, Kinect pricing and much more!
OnTheCouch 142 - Kin Kamakaze - 9 July 2010
Qualcom looks to ditch Flo TV, Sony gets PS3 ready for T2 and 3D, DAB switchover, HK offers 1Gbps, Pirate Bay gets hacked, New UI for YouTube, iPhone augmented reality, Microsoft Kin fallout, OnLive tested, Zeebo and much more!
OnTheCouch 141 - Canvas is Go - 30 June 2010
Trust approves Canvas, Hulu is now pay-TV, Virgin trials 400Mbps, Apple ready for TV move, Tablets spring forth, DLNA on mobiles, Mobile games for health, PS3 subscriptions and the interconnectedness of things.
OnTheCouch 140 - The Right to Bear Lightsabres - 24 June 2010
Youtube wins against Viacom, Nintendo 3DS, iAds placeholders go live, Nextifity Cel fi, Tesco iPhone 4, PS3 ray gun, Playstation Move, Blue laser light sabres and more!
OnTheCouch 139 - iPhone 4 - 14 June 2010
Apple second largest company, OLED display rolls up, Another look at the Loop, O2 kills unlimited data, iPad screen sharing, iPhone 4, 3 and Virgin jump on board, Kinect - Natal becomes real and more!
OnTheCouch 138 - Dance of the wayward satellites - 25 May 2010
Patents eat free codec, Dance of the wayward satellites, First 3D TV sold in UK, First 3D porn film released, Dell Streak exclusive to O2, Plaxo, Google TV update, Yankee stadium bans iPads, Google Pacman, and more!
OnTheCouch 137 - iPad hands on - 18 May 2010
Tivo and Echostar update, BT plans home media tablet, You tube hits 2 billion a day, iPad hands on, mobile industry update and more!
OnTheCouch 136- Immortal Soul Clause - 16 Apr 2010
NCTA goes for HD DTA boxes, iPad news, Twitter gets a business model, Sky with Humax on Picnic, Opera Mini, 3D football, Microsoft Kin, Wii made me a Nympho, Gamestation owns your soul and much more!
OnTheCouch 135 - Radio pay for play - 7 Apr 2010
Radio goes pay for play in the US, Freeview HD launch, Gesture remote update, 3D pub finder, Malware via batteries, iPad update, No linux for PS3 and more!
OnTheCouch 134 - Flash Challenge - 24 Mar 2010
Blockbuster hangs in there, Project Canvas and the OFT, HTML 5 challenges Flash, Interactive mag for the iPad, E-newspaper progress, Opera Mini for iPhone, Nintendo promises 3D, and Zeo helps you sleep.
OnTheCouch 133 - In the Batcave - 18 Mar 2010
Google goes after the living room, 3D ready or not?, US plans internet for all, iPad update, Latest from GDC, and more!
OnTheCouch 132 - LightFi - 12 Mar 2010
Sky de-listing rumours, Visible light to transfer data, Samsung to bundle 3D glasses, LG first 3D set in UK, Internet TV is the way forward, Mobile TV (is it dead?), Playstation Move and more!
OnTheCouch 131 - Muscle reading mobile - 5 Mar 2010
Quake hits wafer production, Youtube profitable in 2010, Sky Germany tries 3D, iPad to ship April 3, Windows 7 Phone Series update, Project Pink, PS2 10 years old, Silent speech mobile.
OnTheCouch 130 - Bandwidth Bonanza - 26 Feb 2010
Walmart aquires streaming service Vudu, Virgin brings 100Mbps, Google ups it to 1Gbs, Cablevision rolls out network DVR, Elgato does home networked DTT, Nintendo's plans, Animoto and more!
OnTheCouch 129 - Home Scanning - 19 Feb 2010
Record year for DirecTV, Signs of recovery in US ad spend, Avatar gets 3D launch date (almost), SeeSaw launches in UK, Windows Phone 7, Symbian v3, Missing mobiles, Gaming cheats, Scanning at home and more!
OnTheCouch 128 - Horn goggles - 12 Feb 2010
3D blu-ray player with iPhone remote, Superconductor update, Google launches Buzz, Kindle borrows from the British Library, Jan gaming update, Casucal games, iPhone cold weather usage tips and more!
OnTheCouch 127 - EBIF Conquest - 4 Feb 2010
DirecTV DVR scheduluer app, ETV in 12 million households via Comcast, Teenagers don't blog, iPhone helps Haiti survivor, Symbilan going open source, 2009 Gaming results and much more!
OnTheCouch 126 - CES and the iPad - 28 Jan 2010
CES themes, Top 10 CES gadgets, Keychest update, Apple iPad, Popbox Hub, Sky launches 3D for pubs, Google phone off to shakey start, Aliens listening in, and more!
OnTheCouch 125 - Rdio is coming - 31 Dec 2009
Pay-wall news, Ebooks outsell real books, ATT asks FCC to let them ditch land lines, Smartskins, Blue ray 3D spec finalised, $99 netbook from cherrypal, Rdio, Bulletflight app, WiiWaa and more!
OnTheCouch 124 - Tivo Reborn - 4 Dec 2009
Tivo links with Google, selected by Virgin, Unflattening the buttons, Lip Sync tech, e-reader predictions, Playstation movie downloads, iPlayer comes to FreeSat, Squeezable gaming controler, the mechatronic Unicycle, Beware the laser beams and more!
OnTheCouch 123 - Boxee Box - 19 Nov 2009
Motorola to sell STB arm, Mediasat files anti-trust against Sky, BskyB profits up, Livescribe Pen app store, Boxee Box coming, Google as your phone company, Facebook on the pS3, OnLive cloud gaming, Bomb proof wallpaper and Wifi Scales.
OnTheCouch 122 - Roomba Pacman - 12 Nov 2009
BBC DRM is shut down, WolframAlpha search engine, Latitude gets history, Brazil power outage, 3D week on C4, Meatballs on connected TV before DVD, Vodafone launches 360, EA EA buys PlayFish, Microsoft disconnects pirates, Roomba Pacman and the Wifi scale
OnTheCouch 121 - Farmville - 06 Nov 2009
Canvas update, Comcast results, Printable circuits, iPlayer for Freesat, Apple rumours on flat rate content, Realtime Race, Farmville conquers, Hands on Droid, Speech to speech iphone app, Pimp your 3GS and more!
OnTheCouch 120 - Windows Whopper - 23 Oct 2009
Disney's Keychest changes the model, Windows 7 whopper, UPC considers CI Plus, Virgin tries behavioural targeting, Rogers launges TV Everywhere, Google Music, Game industry overview, World of Goo, and gadget frenzy!
OnTheCouch 119 - Quake Mice - 15 Oct 2009
Sky and Canvas shake hands, Talk Talk digital anthropology report, Backslash apology, Joost moves to music, Streaming is the new DVD, German firm offers Europe's first personalised paper, Battle of the smartphone begins, Brain scan of mice while playing quake and more!
OnTheCouch 118 - Nuclear Batteries - 9 Oct 2009
Skype and Ebay in court, 2 percent content watched online, BBC iPlayer debuts across the pond, Amazon ships international Kindle, Soccer online exclusive, SHVERA, Nuclear batteries, Terminator bunnies and more!

OnTheCouch 117 - Pragmatic Kaos - 2 Oct 2009
Comcast looks to buy NBC, Sky determined to set 3D standard, Consumers want 3d (for free), Sony creates 3D HD cam, TWC leapfrogs the DVR, Microsoft Courier, Freeview switchover, Targeted ads, Kindle for UK, Netflix prize and more!
OnTheCouch 116 - Left for dead - 18 Sep 2009
IBC update, Google goes back to books, BBC puts DRM on HD, Mobile TV survey, PSP Go is stopped , PS3 yellow LED of death, the toybot prototype and more!

OnTheCouch 115 - IFA Update - 7 Sep 2009
IFA update, Telenet backs down on VOD plan, iPod fee proposed for Canada, DTG testing Freeview HD in November, Update from Half Minute Media, 1k for app ideas, latency measurements in games, NZ version of the electric bike and more!
OnTheCouch 114 - Augmented Reality - 18 August 2009
Tivo's new business model, Apple TV Set, Augmented Reality, Sony e-library, HbbTV, Nokia pay-by-phone, LG's watch phone, Sonar for iphone and more!
OnTheCouch 113 - App Stores Galore - 18 August 2009
Comcast poised to make contant acquisition, Spain gives go ahead to pay DTT, 1Gbs broadband in Portugal, DirecTV app store, Tomtom on iPhone, TouchWiz opens for business, Gaming sales and more!
OnTheCouch 112 - Marconiphone - 30 July 2009
BskyB results, Yahoo and Microsoft deal, Oldest working tele, Sky goes 3d, Microsoft goes after iplayer, Direct downloads, Blackberry wireless gaming, and more!
OnTheCouch 111 - RoboCup - 10 July 2009
West Virginia sues over cable box tying, VLC 1.0, 3D projecters, Google launches Chrome, Online Video eats into TV, German DTT study, DVD sales fall in UK and RoboCup finals.
OnTheCouch 110 - Sugar on a stick - 30 June 2009
Canal+ offers weekend subs, Canoe advertising interfaces, MJ causes web meltdown, Apple intros iPhone gesturing, Vodafone tries femtocells, Sugar on a stick, Freeview HD in December, iPhone 3GS, iphone Push and more!
OnTheCouch 109 - D-Day for Analog Switch Off - 11 Jun 2009
Setanta on the ropes, OpenTV update, U-Verse slows, Colour e-paper, 3D in the US, Analog switch off, Half-minute media, Channel 4 online, Movies go direct, Youtube for the TV, Iphone 3GS, Writing in the air and more!
OnTheCouch 108 - Future Weapons and the Invisibility Cloak - 28 May 2009
Sky 3D update, Hulu's first concert, Cablevision network DVR this summer, Tracking your friends on mobile, the Ovi store, games vs movies in the US, James goes the GoCycle and more!
OnTheCouch 107 - DNF and Vinyl - 8 May 2009
Cable profit figures, WiGIG, HD in China, Vinyl albums sales growth, Kindle DX released, Hulu begins world domination, uSim with memory, Duke Nukem dies, the O2 joggler gadget and more!
OnTheCouch 106 - Nabbed in Vegas - 23 April 2009
Update from NAB, Oracle buys Sun, Tivo competes with Neilsen, Adobe goes for Flash-based STBs, Amazon chalks up HD VOD - confirms LOTR on blu-ray, HD-DVD trade-in, a billion iPhone apps, piracy in Demigod, enviro-fridges and more!
OnTheCouch 105 - Targeted advertising - 16 April 2009
Ebay to sell Skype, Android available for STBs, Delivering targeted ads - Virgin trial, Phorm, and targetted TV ads, BBC does mobile TV over wifi, Sony PSP game without UMD, BMW goes haptic, electric cycling and more!
OnTheCouch 104 - The Cable Show, Ultra Wide and Side by Side - 8 April 2009
The Cable Show overview, Sky broadcasts in 3D, Ultra-wide TV, iTunes DRM free, Woverine leaked, Online store for Blackberry, PS2 goes cheap, Nintendo DSI released, OnLive gaming demonstrated and more!
OnTheCouch 103 - Screaming phones and patent reform - 6 March 2009
Over the top IPTV in Japan, US patent reform, Virgin sells off content business, VOD study, millionth iPhone in UK, and exploring electronic delivery for games.
OnTheCouch 102 - Stolen chameleons and FEAR cats - 19 Feb 2009
Internet filter in Oz, DTV switchover in the US, Pirate Bay goes on trial, Virgin and iPlayer VOD, Apple on-demand rumour, new mobile phone app stores, gaming does it tough, FEAR 2 cat-vertising and James' stolen USB chameleon
OnTheCouch 101 - Netflix Million - 9 Feb 2009
Kangaroo culled on competition grounds, US digital switch off, US interactive TV breakthrough, BT wifi gives advice, Apple TV, Ad supported ads, Navigation on Japanese mobiles, EA fails to deliver, Top games in US and James gets a new HD projector.
OnTheCouch 100 - Turning 100 - 22 Jan 2009
James and Ian get a letter from the Queen, Channel 4 and 5 could merge, Foxtel gives kids the control, Blockbuster goes to Internet movie delivery, World of warcraft goes 3d, Consumers confused by high tech mobiles, New web browsers on iPhone, 8 year old becomes Microsoft professional and more!
OnTheCouch 099 - CES 2009 roundup - 13 Jan 2009
CES roundup, Analogue switch off in the US postponed, Open IPTV forum publishes spec, tv.com gets new content, Vodafone teams up with Bablegum, Gaming takes over the world and more!
OnTheCouch 098 - Camel Action - 19 Dec 2008
ATT signs up a million, Sky moves towards 3D, CBS takes on Hulu, Joost kills p2p, Games defy the recession, EU hot on mobile TV and predictions for 2009.
OnTheCouch 097 - 300 million served - 15 Dec 2008
eBooks hot this Christmas, BBC ITV BT partner for broadband TV, Dark Knight BD live, First 3D NFL game, Orange wants iTunes action, 300 million iPhone apps, PS3 Home, Price of Persia sans DRM and more!
OnTheCouch 096 - Robot Army - 28 Nov 2008
Atlanta shows digital is the way forward, ATSC chooses mobile TV standard, Blockbuster goes STB, BBC streams to the net, Sling competes with Hulu, Google iPhone APIs, Nokia out of Japan, PSP sales vs DS and the Robot Army.
OnTheCouch 095 - Voice Search - 17 Nov 2008
Brightcove update, Orange IPTV missing in action, ITV goes live on BTVision, STB sales up - TV sales down, UK DSO update, Nokia launches life tools, MySpace vs iTunes, Google offers voice search, vSnax, Tripee and more!
OnTheCouch 094 - Virtual Homicide - 31 Oct 2008
Sky reaches for the sky, Orange IPTV figures, Boxee, The homebrew channel, Netflix on Tivo, Kangaroo bound for 2009 and tie up with Hulu, Google phone hits UK, Japanese women arrested for virtual murder and more!
OnTheCouch 093 - LittleBigPlanet - 24 Oct 2008
Ofcom awards HD on DTT, Battery tech update, Broadband over powerlines is dead, BBC on SkyPlayer, Discovery on Freeview, MobileTV on KPN, LittleBigPlanet delay, Spykee and the Aerocar...
OnTheCouch 092 - Subliminal Podcast - 10 Oct 2008
Dish gets $104m Tivo patent bill, Hilcrest sues Nintendo, Tin-Eye tech, Zero emission TV, Nero offers Tivo on PC, Jalipo goes under, Freeview channel up for sale, Hulu goes international (almost), iPhone batteries, Huawei sells it's mobile division and the quest for underwater airplanes.
OnTheCouch 091 - IBC 2008 - 4 Sep 2008
IBC overview, GeoEye satellite, Sony API for TVs, Blu-Ray shift slower than VHS to DVD, Hulu strikes back, Phorm, Hilcrest Labs patents, Google Android, Sony Ericson music service, Trism iPhone app makes $250k, Pandora platform for opensource gaming.
OnTheCouch 090 - Hulu vs YouTube - 4 Sep 2008
EU energy-using product legislation could have world-wide implications, Hulu begins airing shows before FTA, Fox preps 20 new digital copy DVDs, PSP battery life problem, Google maps turn by turn, iPhone pre-pay and Nokia pitches Comes with Music.
OnTheCouch 089 - Still not dead - 29 Aug 2008
Steve Jobs still not dead, Comcast caps at 250gb, Concept phones, We7 praises iTunes, it's going to be a blu Christmas, Mobile sales update, new PSP and EyeToy Play:Here
OnTheCouch 088 - Rat Brain Robot - 14 Aug 2008
Vongo down the tubes, Echostar takes tru2way, USB 3.0, Cloud computing fails, Oz gets iTunes movies, Olympics viewer stats, Freeview tech impact, PS3 tuner delayed and the rat brain contolled robot!
OnTheCouch 087 - Network DVR is Go - 8 Aug 2008
Cablevision gets the nod for network DVR and adds customers, so does DirecTV and Videotron adds TV-based caller ID. Will the $10 Indian laptop take over the world, or will it be LiMo for mobiles?
OnTheCouch 086 - Pay TV Priorities - 1 Aug 2008
BSkyB gains, Hulu goes Aussie, Cloud computing, Echostar does 1080p, Blu-ray plus downloads with Netflix, YouTube screening for UK, PS3 home asks for beta testers and more!
OnTheCouch 085 - Video eating fungus - 25 Jul 2008
Apple sells macs, UK ISPs fight piracy, DirectX 11, DVR blocking, BSkyB and Universal, Yahoo music dies, Sony opens Ebook, AdMob, Wii photo channel, Fungus eating video tapes and more!
OnTheCouch 084 - Umbrellas and Robots - 17 Jul 2008
Internet ad spend slows, PCCW up for sale, Google Streetview come to the UK, 1.5T on a drive, Targeted ads, Go!View on the PSP, Moviebeam update, iPhone apps, E3 update, BigDog Robot and the unbreakable umbrella
OnTheCouch 083 - The Third Coming - 11 Jul 2008
iTV ad revenue down, YouTube ad sales, DirecTV million remote bookings, BBC signs up with Bablegum, 70% of UK digital, iPhone 3G launch and apps coverage and more!
OnTheCouch 082 - All your Youtube are belong to us - 3 Jul 2008
Helio bites the dust, Virgin warns over file sharing, Symbian Nokia deal, Youtube coughs up user records, Intel down on Vista, iPhone HK data plans, PS3 new firmware wipes your disk
OnTheCouch 081 - Advertising to Aliens - 27 Jun 2008
Nokia buys Plazes, ICANN opens up new TLDs, PS3 delivers VOD, iPhone app store starts, iPlayer update, Gaming update, Advertising to Aliens
OnTheCouch 080 - Robots and walled gardens - 19 Jun 2008
Microsoft acquires Navic, MHP goes free, Cherrypal saves watts, Sproutcore, Microsoft DRM backdown, Walled gardens on mobile content, Youtube long form, waterproof phones, Nokia's latest plans, casual gaming and robots.
OnTheCouch 079 - Shut up R2! - 13 Jun 2008
Yahoo and Google cuddle up, YouTube adds video annotations, TakeTV gets taken away, TF1 on demand, iPhone update, Xbox RROD, Console sales, Videotape rescue, and The FogScreen.
OnTheCouch 078 - Space Toilet - 28 May 2008
DVD sales down but not out, Tru2way takes off, Sky deliverys multiplatform day and date, Philips RelaxTV, Space toilet clogs...
OnTheCouch 077 - Wii king of the console - 23 May 2008
Technology buying trends, Nvidia and Rayscale, iPhone speeds, Microsoft Mediaroom, iPlayer on the Mac, iPhone world domination, Wii king of the console wars, Underpants that measure blood pressure(!)
OnTheCouch 076 - PS2 Cash Cow - 16 May 2008
BT Vision subs jump, CBS buys CNet, 3m Picoprojector in Samsung, Sky Player, Kangaroo update, 3G iPhone news, Disney game service, Guitar hero with drums and more!
OnTheCouch 075 - FreeSat and FreeNails - 8 May 2008
Microsoft eyes off Facebook, Carphone partners with Best Buy, FreeSat launches in UK, Nine inch nails give it away, AppleTV gets movies in UK, iPhone v2 smoke, Take two takes $500m, New game download service from Blizzard.
OnTheCouch 074 - Beer and Earthquakes - 23 April 2008
Apple buys PA Semi, Sony buys Gracenoote, Gambling on ITV in Oz, Yahoo says maybe, Order beer on your DS, DRM turned off, iPhone goes wild and more!
OnTheCouch 073 - Keeloq cracked - 17 April 2008
Keeloq cracked, 10 billion video views, Tesco sells mp3s, Interactive TV ad revivied, iPhone round up, PS3 Home and more!
OnTheCouch 072 - The Smell Phone - 10 April 2008
Digital switch off in the US, Ofcom ponders sharing license fee, Tring me, iPlayer for the Wii, Adobe media player, O2 says 128Kbps is all you need, TV rights and the Smell Phone!
OnTheCouch 071 - Extreme Ironing - 4 April 2008
Rapture loses BSkyB appeal, MySpace gets online music, Comcast rolls out Docsis 3.0, Sprint delays WiMax, Codafone bets on LTE, Apple number 1 and more!
OnTheCouch 070 - BlueHack - 26 March 08
OfCom auctions spectrum, ITV revamp, Dish's satellite woes, BD+ hacked, WiMax attacked, Channel 4 joins iTunes, Motorola splits and more!
OnTheCouch 069 - You are surrounded - 29 February 2008
Virgin fights back, FTA satellite on France, LCDs take on CRTs, PVRs increase viewing, The road to 4G, Gaming controllers, Surround sound and more!
OnTheCouch 068 - Pico Projectors - 22 February 2008
Bill Gates on Yahoo, BSkyB appeal, 100m STBs in 2007, HD-DVD really really dead, pico projectors, BBC on itunes and more!
OnTheCouch 067 - Space Tug - 14 February 2008
Yahoo update, Play.com gets DRM free content, AppleTV 2.0, BT Vision, 3GSM, PS3 sales, GDC and the Space Tug.
OnTheCouch 066 - Death of HD-DVD - 24 January 2008
Wifi TV goes live, Netflix takes on Apple, Warner ditches HD-DVD, Apple takes the cash, Half US has digi TV, HK goes digital, Mobile TV in Africa and more!
Length - 37:45
OnTheCouch 065 - 2008 Crystal Ball - 20 December 2007
Pace eats Philips, DirecTV buys replayTV, IPTV doesn't happen in 2007, What to do with all that spectrum, User Experience focus, Wiifit is the new wii thing, Apps for your iphone, GPS devices start getting smarter, Wimax takes over the world!
OnTheCouch 064 - Patently Obvious - 5 December 2007
Tivo patent upheld, UK broadcasters combine for VOD, Verizon goes LTE, EU chooses DVB-H and more!
Length - 31:57
OnTheCouch 063 - From Russia with love - 26 November 2007
IPTV in Thailand and Malaysia, OLPC hands on, Online TV from Pioneer, DRM free downloads from Russia, iPhone apps coming, DS gets TV, PSP goes online and more!
Length - 30:24
OnTheCouch 062 - Dumping Blu-ray - 15 November 2007
New FCC cable regulations, cheap HD-DVD players, Paramount dumps blu-ray, iPhone UK launch, gaming update and more!
Length - 28:45
OnTheCouch 061 - Open Social - 9 November 2007
Movielink update, Facebook, Comcast, Danish record labels, BabelTV, Wifi-TV, NGage delayed, GPhone, iPhone in UK, Top Gear and more!
Length - 29:52
OnTheCouch 060 - Pirate TV - 19 October 2007
Whitehaven goes digital, BBC chops off a leg and goes with Flash, Yes in Israel hit by interference, TimeWarner delivers 150k opencable boxes, iTunes goes DRM free and more!
Length - 30:48
OnTheCouch 059 - Artificial Life - 12 October 2007
FOWA and Digg, Network DVR in Spain, Radiohead goes donationware, BT partners with Fon, Joost signs ITN and opens up, Nokia buys Navteq, Artificial Life, WiiFit
Length - 31:12
OnTheCouch 058 - An iPhone in the hand - 27 September 2007
BBC trust ok for HD, DirecTV HD lineup, Echostar eats Sling, TataSky, Free shows on iTunes, Virgin unplugs, Dlink takes on Apple, iPhone review, Halo takes $174m, Psp slim, Women gamers and more!
Length - 37:52
OnTheCouch 057 - HD Confusion - 21 September 2007
UK Digital Status, Long-form Sky iAds, Tivo gets $100m, ReplayTV lives, Consumers confused by HD and more!
Length - 26:50
OnTheCouch 056 - IBC Roundup 07 - 14 September 2007
Apple UK event, IBC roundup, Analogue TV in the US, Sony unplugs Connect, Sony delivers blu-ray recorder, New Creative Zen, IPTV status, TV channels should pay for mobile, Wii wins and more!
Length - 30:51
OnTheCouch 055 - Learning Swahili - 31 August 2007
1 million more UK homes online, iTunes TV shows in UK, Cablelabs update, DirecTV and NFL over broadband, Tafiti, Hulu, Adobe Air, N-Gage and MapWii
Length - 32:38
Digital Vision now has it's own feed - 30 August 2007
Digital Vision Podcast is now on it's own feed. Please go to www.digitalvisionpodcast.com and subscribe there for some great interviews with media industry leaders.

OnTheCouch 054 - Playing with the iPhone - 24 August 2007
UK mobile data, Virgin boss quits, BT powerline data, Tivo in Oz, iPhone in China, CnBoo, Internet killing TV, DRM-free content from Walmart, and more!
Length - 28:58
OnTheCouch 053 - James on Fire - 16 August 2007
ISPs demand cash for BBC's iPlayer bw, Digital switchoff in Finland, Echostar update, IBC themes, Watching Blu-ray, Universal drops DRM, Internet shifts to content, Google video shuts, IPTV in AsiaPacific, MobileTV in Germany, Home on PS3 and more!
Length - 35:32
OnTheCouch 052 - Death of the Lobster - 2 August 2007
Sky eats Amstrad, U-verse is really cable, DirecTV and Tivo, Echostar Piracy, 700Mhz spectrum sale , YouTube fingerprinting, Lobster gets it, PS3 to get digital tuner, Blu-ray camcorders come online
Length - 29:35
Digital Vision 005 - Interactive at the BBC - Louisa Heinrich - 2 August 2007
The BBC is a long-time proponent of interactive services. But how do they make services work well for different types of devices and different sorts of people? And what's coming up for the BBC's interactive services? This week we chat with Louisa Heinrich, Executive, User Experience and TV Platforms, to find out.
Length - 27:43
OnTheCouch 051 - Game On - 26 July 2007
BBC iPlayer launch, DTH in India update, Motorola posts loss, Blu-ray on Target, Joost hits a million, iPhone carrier revenue and sales, Console and game sales, DS live at the baseball, In-game ads and James attends a conference in Second Life.
Length - 32:04
OnTheCouch 050 - iPhone blending - 20 July 2007
Ocean Blue middleware, Carlyle bids for Virgin Media, BBC cancel phone-ins, IPTV in Delhi, 400M MPEG ST chips, Skinkers, Blend your iPhone, New PSP, WiiFit, Rockband, Gesture remote for your TV
Length - 32:50
Digital Vision 004 - Magazine Publishing - Stuart Rock - 4 July 2007
Stuart Rock, co-founder and editor of Caspian Publishing has been in the magazine business for many years. He's seen the dot-com boom come and go, and the rise of content delivery via new means. How has he handled the challenges of getting great content to people? Hear his insights as to the future of paper and electronic publishing, including recommendations, personalisation and social networking.
Please see www.digitalvisionpodcast.com to subscribe.
OnTheCouch 049 - Mechanical Turk - 28 June 2007
UK digi penetration, Cablecard on Sunflower, Joost on TV, Pandora TV, Backspace IPTV, Commercial DVB-H in Malaysia, iPhone hype, Nintendo rules Sony, Wii online, Mechanical Turk and ChaCha
Length - 31:08
Digital Vision 003 - User Centred Design - Natalie Webb - 28 June 2007
It's not enough to have a great looking product these days, or even a beautiful web site. To stand out your business needs a product or service that people love to use. To find out about usability and user centred design, we talk to usability consultant, Natalie Webb from Amber-light in London.
Length - 22:31
OnTheCouch 048 - Project Kangaroo - 28 June 2007
Freeview PVR launches, Cable card arrives, Blockbuster picks Blu-ray, BitTorrent SDK, Reeltime gets more cash, Project Kangaroo, Solar powered mobile, Shake to Shuffle, Manhunt2 and more!
Length - 31:20
Digital Vision 002 - The Future of News - Mark Dixon - 21 June 2007
SPECIAL PREVIEW of our new podcast. With newspaper ad revenue falling and new ways people are receiving their news, it seems that the physical newspaper is on its way out. To find out the real story, we talk the Group Head of Travel for News International, Mark Dixon.
Length - 18:13
OnTheCouch 047 - Anaphylactic Shock - 14 June 2007
Analogue switchoff in Whitehaven, BT vision lights up, DTT in Spain, Please don't Tivo, Shanghai media triples subs, iPhone is a sandbox, Helio.com, Wake on lan
Length - 28:36
DigitalVision 001 - Sky News on Second Life - Nicola Jude - 11 June 2007
SPECIAL PREVIEW of our new podcast. In the first episode, we talk to Nicola Jude who has brought Sky News into Second Life. What does this mean for Sky News? How did they go about it? And what are their plans for the future? Nicola lets us in on what's happening in the virtual world.
Length - 24:44
OnTheCouch 046 - Opening the iPhone - 7 June 2007
BT's still got no vision, DTT update for HK and Spain, AppleTV with 160Gb and YouTube, Audio bitrates, DVRs give us better ads, Apple opens the iPhone, Wii light sabre
Length - 36:02
OnTheCouch 045 - The Gold Bar - 30 May 2007
Ofcom decides not to sell, Tivo in Oz, US digital switch off, Finland allows DVD decrption, Ooyala, Allpay.tv, DOS in Estonia, BT Vision unwrapped, Mobile Watch, iPhone confirmed, T-mobile portal, Phones preventing car accidents in Japan, DVB-H trial in Delhi
Length - 36:52
OnTheCouch 044 - Double Death - 25 May 2007
Sky expands HD, drops Sky+ charge and loses on Freeview, Motorola tries to takeover the world, Energy saving on STBs, HDMI - what's it good for?, Texting from Everest, PS3 with VOD
Length - 27:23
OnTheCouch 043 - Selling the Penguin (c) - 18 May 2007
BT Vision, Comcast ditches Microsoft, Amazon DRM-free music, ABC streams HD, MySpace starts TV, Download to own is dead, Disney sells 24M TV shows, iPhone update, Green phones, 40 years of Video games, Kids create games, Sony looks to buy Club Penguin
Length - 28:53
OnTheCouch 042 - Mobile Satellite TV - 11 May 2007
ITV's new web tv, DirecTV goes mobile, Apple goes green, Cox kills ad skipping, Blip.tv, Joost gets cash and bandwidth problems, Mobile TV in the UAE, Sky news on Second Life.
Length - 29:12
OnTheCouch 041 - Goat Parties - 3 May 2007
Sky results, BBC goes with Windows DRM, India pay TV eclipses Japan, Patents and PVRs, ACSS code on Digg, IPTV changes how people watch TV in France, Aggregator.TV dies, Orange mobile into UGC, Sony (ab)uses dead goat, PSP and PS3Eye camera released, Motion sensing research from BT
Length - 30:19
OnTheCouch 040 - Curing Cancer - 26 Apr 2007
Freeview overtakes Sky, TV in Turkey, Hi-def update, Cablevision fight on, Apple results, Jack9 the man's man, Aggregator TV, Silverlight, 3, Curing cancer on the PS3, EA catches up on the Wii, Make famous Miis
Length - 34:10
OnTheCouch 039 - Australian Sunshine - 4 Apr 2007
ITV gets FA cup, Virgin bundles over DSL, Australian media laws, China standards, EMI goes DRM-free, Skycast, Youtube and Audible magic, Fastweb sold to Swisscom, Wii rules and more!
Length - 33:22
OnTheCouch 038 - I want my PS3 - 28 Mar 2007
Sky VOD, No to RS-DVR, Triple play in US, AppleTV, the album dies (again), YouTube competition, PS3 released in Europe and Australia
Length - 33:11
OnTheCouch 037 - 3D TV - 20 Mar 2007
Mobile TV in Ireland, CurrentTV in UK, Analog switch off in US, CeBIT update with 3D TV, Bablegum plans long tail, Blu-ray cracks Amazon top 10, New internet TV options, PSP redesign, PS3 launch

Length - 29:32
OnTheCouch 036 - Mind Control - 8 Mar 2007
Sky and Virgin Media, ITV kills premium calls, AT&T rollout slows, Amazon Unboxed on TiVo, Digimark watermarks, Bittorrent goes ligit, IPTV world forum update, IPTV middleware, Apple TV, Mobile TV content, Sony Home and Mind Control for games

Length - 29:14
OnTheCouch 035 - Mars TV - 28 Feb 2007
BBC Freesat, Verisign and Entriq, Decoder subsidies in Italy, Cloning HD-DVDs, Sony's cheap blu-ray, Australian pirates, MP3 patent disputes, Downloading worth $4bn by 2011, Apple TV delay, Wii, Network connections to Mars
Competition: WIN - Wii points and WiiPlay!

Length - 35:52
OnTheCouch 034 - Solar Powered Podcast - 21 Feb 2007
BBC goes VOD on FreeView, Napster Exec goes BBC Radio 2, Siruis and XM merge, Mediahighway takes on South America, MHP licensing, DVR users do watch ads, Moving content, Joost on the Mac, Mobile TV and power reduction.
Length - 33:06
OnTheCouch 033 - Guitar Hero - 15 Feb 2007
Freeview channels want HD space, Indonesia Pay TV status, PlayReady DRM, ACSS hacked, Stumble TV, AT&T selects MediaFlo, Liquid Lens for mobile camera, Branson's games, Wii Voting, Apple stores open everywhere
Length - 27:27
OnTheCouch 032 - Sword Wielding Robots - 9 Feb 2007
Sky goes pay terrestrial, Chinese patent royalties, CD sales slide, Apple says no to DRM, Wal-Mart downloads, IPTV growth in 2006, Orange and Vodafone share 3G, Dwango, Xbox360 2.0, N-Gage 2.0, Wii controlled sword wielding robots
Competition - who was the lead cartoon character in the movie Happy Feet? Email feedback@onthecouchpodcast.com for great Happy Feet prizes.

Length - 28:11
OnTheCouch 031 - Exploding Satellites - 1 Feb 2007
BBC iPlayer, Italian broadcasters in trouble, hi-def porn, YouTube revenue, Blu-Ray defeated, Sky downloads, AT&T IPTV rollout, Joost strangles the Internet, VOIP on mobiles, URL entry on your phone, Mobile content study, Tringo on interactive, Machinima, Exploding satellites
Length - 32:00
OnTheCouch 030 - Losing Lobsters - 23 Jan 2007
BBC licence fee, Pay TV in India, Adult content on HD-DVD, Nielsen measuring ads on DVRs, 4od, Joost, Babelgum, Losing lobsters, Lose weight playing the Wii, Finding lost memory cards with the Loc8tor
Length - 29:06
OnTheCouch 029 - Snow in Vegas - 16 Jan 2007
The digital dividend, CES overview, Apple TV, LG dual format player, HD pirates, IPTV on Xbox 360, Apple iPhone, December next gen console sales, Second Life goes open source
Length - 31:56
OnTheCouch 028 - Christmas Crystal Ball - 20 Dec 2006
James and Ian discuss what's happened during 2006 in the world of television and entertainment and make some wild and crazy predictions about where they think the entertainment industry will go in 2007.
Length - 32:03
OnTheCouch 027 - Wii Love - 11 Dec 2006
70 years of TV, Sky and Google, Murdoch and Malone, Netherlands switch off, The Venice Project, BT switches on, Telefonica holds on Mobile TV, GPS on PSP, Wii released in UK
Length - 26:54
OnTheCouch 026 - Lucid Dreams - 1 Dec 2006
BT has a new Vision, Echostar and Tivo, 30% penetration of DVRs, Does the HTDV business model stack up?, YouTube not just young people, AllOfMP3 is down (or up), Wal-mart goes downloads, IPTV takes over the world, Opera Mini V3, Mobile ghettoblasters and Lucid Dreams
Length - 25:24
OnTheCouch 025 - Sonic Gold Rings - 23 Nov 2006
Lots of news this week! Sky messes with NTL, Channel 4 VOD service, Cable box interop, HBO delivers via Internet, Interactive TV status, ReplayTV back from the dead, IPTV delivery options, mobiles get cheap calls on the net, new gaming console roundup, Nintendo DS goes MP3, USB video compression accelerator and Second Life gets the worms!
Length - 34:42
OnTheCouch 024 - Air Guitar T-Shirt - 17 Nov 2006
NTL/ITV tie-up, 3 with Sling/Skype, Electronica, Myspace at $6B, iPods on planes, Tivo connects to the net, Pogo shares mobile files, iPhone roumours, PS3 and Wii hit the streets, Air guitar tshirt and Second Life gets cloned
Length - 27:07
OnTheCouch 023 - 10 Nov 2006
Five News takes on citizen journalists, NTL becomes Virgin, Cablevision's network DVR update, Xbox 360 downloads content, iPod content, iLike, IPTV in France, Mobile TV at 80mph, wireless YouTube, PS3 and PSP news and Second Life newspaper!
Length - 36:51
OnTheCouch 022 - 31 Oct 2006
BBC and Sky dominate the UK's third screen, Virgin Mobile Lobster, China's mobile TV standards, Asian cable piracy, Skype into IPTV, S-Band for mobile TV, Nintendo Wii for senior citizens, D900 Samsung mobile and Lance Armstrong chats with James about his exercise program
Length - 35:04
OnTheCouch 021 - 23 Oct 2006
Telstra goes Next G, Viva Pinata, Satellites in orbit, HDTV over IPTV, Walmart into IPTV, TV on mobile in Oz, DS games for Christmas, the state of the games industry, second life update and James tried running with his new iPod.
Length - 28:29
OnTheCouch 020 - 11 Oct 2006
Al Gore gets into BSkyB, Digital update in the UK, Telcos getting into satellite, Sell or lease your STB?, GooTube, Web overtaking newspapers in Europe and more!
Length - 29:53
OnTheCouch 019 - 5 Oct 2006
BBC and Microsoft cosy up, digital TV upgrade in the US and South Africa, Wibree, Disney Mix Max, new Slingboxes, Disney's ESPN service shuts down, Second Life and the Massage Chair...
Length - 25:41
OnTheCouch 018 - 27 Sep 2006
Less TV for the young?, FX thwarts DVR ads, Mobile TV in Oz, Cable in India, Apple's iTV and movie downloads,PS3 gaming and Second Life update
Length - 31:05